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Look into my eyes and worry not, death is certain.

Do you believe in curses?
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Spy on me, shame on you. Spy on we, what is true?

Open Wide

Close your eyes, eat the lies. There is no need to question.

They’re gonna tell you what to think.




ok so all these guys who are like “men have it hard too!!! we’re expected to be manly and emotionless, we have feelings!!!” do realize that it’s other men who enforce those standards on guys. literally guys created those standards to be more powerful than women. so maybe instead of getting angry at girls for talking about their oppression, realize that you should be fighting with girls against unfair gender expectations and inequality

This is the stupidest thing I’ve read on this fucking site. Men did not create these standards to be better than women. Men were given these standards by life, because men have to do things women cannot.

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